Monday, July 6, 2009

Ask Me Now

I'm watching Nosferatu with my mum. We had to stop partway through since it was time for bed. But so far, it is exactly like the book. Maybe I should cram the book in all tomorrow and try to finish it before we watch the movie some more, so that I can continue to know everything that happens. Otherwise I may just find myself watching something completely new.

Craig came over as promised, and we played PS3 games as planned. Finally, I got to play Little Big Planet. Man, I think I might suck at that game. But it's hard to tell, since I was playing with Craig, who has beaten the game about 10 times over just for the fun of it. I died all the time trying to keep up with him. But a lot of the time, after I died and tried it a second time, I'd have no trouble getting it. Or when Craig'd be dead I could usually do that part on my own, just at my own pace. So maybe I'm actually pretty good at that game. Who knows.

I should get a PS3. I think I'll just wait until the PS3 Slim is out, and then buy one second-hand.

I finished the sky in my puzzle. I'm pretty happy, since that means I'm maybe 30% done. But the rest of the puzzle is going to be ridiculously hard, since the rest of it is all the same green color. Not even kidding. The same damn green color, with some spots of other color thrown in all over the place. Just a green field, with random flowers. Ugh.

Now if you'll excuse me Sean's grieving about his relationship problems, so I'm gonna go give him some POWER OF LOVE advice.
NO WAIT NEVER MIND He just upset me by reminding me of where Griffin lives. Dick.

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