Tuesday, July 14, 2009

60 Years Ago

I have another mask drying at this very moment. I still not have painted the other successful mask. Tomorrow, I need to clean up my mask stuffs, because the parents will be coming home and will want their kitchen back. Every mask I make I get a little faster, a little more successful, and a little more experimental.

I just need to... steady my hand before I paint these guys. Maybe I'll make stencils? I suppose I could also pencil it on first. After all, it's just paper.

I feel like mentioning that my mask mold is getting puffy and is bulging in some spots. I don't think it's mould, though. (Heh, a mouldy mold.) I'm thinking it's just steam. I took a razor and poked some holes into the puffy spots, and scraped the paint off as well. The newspaper underneath was completely wet. So I'm leaving the paint off, and I set it in the weak sun this morning. We'll see how it is tomorrow. I may just throw it out and make another one, but this time I'll use masking tape instead of pounds of paper mache.

I went to the orthodontis, and we discussed my options for my braces. They have been on way too long (mum thinks they're experimenting on my highly unique teeth), and now they won't be off before I move away to college. The last little problem is taking forever to fix... We've been doing pretty much the same thing for six months now. And I'm pissed about it, because it's a problem they caused when they were dinking around with my teeth. Anyways, my options: I can sign a release form and have them take my braces off early, I can switch to a new orthodontist when I move to Montana, or I can return every two months just to see the orthodontist.

But no matter what I choose to do, it seems that removing my wisdom tooth was completely useless. I got it pulled so that my teeth would move faster, but I guess we got it pulled too late. I could have had that tooth for the rest of my life, and it would have been extremely useful considering the fact that I already have a ridiculously low number of molars already. (They just keep yanking them!) But whatever. I guess I can switch from being an omnivore to a carnivore. They have all pointy teeth, right? Yeah. So do I.

I miss the days when the only thing I had to worry about with my teeth was flossing daily.

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