Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Word

Oh, it is eleven something! I have less than an hour to write today's post. Maybe I'll actually do this one before it become 11:58 or 11:59. Or 12:52 am.

I am having a problem with ants in my kitchen. They were here a couple weeks ago, coming in from the garage. Then dad bought some ant poison (the liquid stuff), and the problem seemed to go away. But today, I keep finding ants on the counter tops. I checked the garage, and they are not coming from there. I can't actually figure out where there coming from. I just pick something up and an ant happens to be underneath it. There was one on the stove, and even one in the sink. None at all on the floors, though. I squash all of the ants I find, hoping that maybe they're just scouter ants.

But I'm pretty sure we've got a colony of ants in the walls.

(Also: According to this, liquid ant poison just makes the problem worse. Ugh.)

For no reason at all, I took off my Shark Shirt today and put on some normal clothes. And I think I look damn good today, so I had to find a reason to get out of the house. And I went to the craft store and picked up some supplies to make masks. I've suddenly decided to make masks, I guess. Out of paper mache. I spent about an hour today working with one of the plastic masks you can buy at the craft store and piling on paper mache until it became featureless. So now I have a featureless blob of paper, flour, and water, and it will probably take a month to dry because it is so thick. It is also really heavy. Too heavy to use as a mask.

But there is nothing to fear! My plan all along (I swear) was to just use this as a form to make other masks on. Once it dries all the way, I will seal it. Then I will put a layer of plastic wrap over it, and paper mache over that to make thinner masks that will actually dry in a reasonable amount of time and can be worn. I'm so excited. I really hope this works out.

Tomorrow, if the mask form is dry enough, I want to try making a mask on top of it. Because I'm really impatient, and I want to know it if will work right now.

I hope the ants don't try to eat it while I sleep tonight.

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