Monday, July 13, 2009


I keep nearly flagging my blog by accident. I'm worried that I will cause myself some problems one day.

My mask! It turned out... not so great. It was covered in the little orange and yellow spots caused by the glue mixing with the paper. It wasn't this bad on the other mask. I made a fresh batch of glue (I... re-used day-old glue I kept in the fridge) and put on a new layer of white. Problem solved! I hit it with a blow dryer and let it dry a bit on its own. Except for painting it, it is pretty much done and dry now. And it looks pretty alright, I have to say. I want to cut it down to size a bit (a lot) so that it'll go under my hair line, and not over.

Now I just need to figure out how to wear it. I can't see through it or breath very well.

I found out something today: I like Seinfeld. I think it is funny. I enjoy every minute of it. I need to go figure some things out about myself.

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