Thursday, July 9, 2009


I woke up today to the sounds of vacuums, and then a scared cat hiding on top of my head. I went to the oral surgeon, and a doctor different than the one what yanked my tooth stepped in. (At least, I think it was a different guy. I was knocked out. But he wasn't the guy that told me he'd be yanking.) He looked like he was from a soap opera/looked like Dr. Suresh from Heroes with handsome implants. He told me that my tooth hole was healing perfectly, and then I left to go laugh at his good looks while driving home in my car.

I'm pretty sure he's an underwear model on weekends to pay for his mortgage and student loans. And I kinda miss the old guy with a beard that I met, because having a bit of food stuck in the corner of your mouth is an obvious sign of medical wisdom.

I sat around a bit more at home, and then the parents waved goodbye and left for Hawaii. I texted some friends, but they're all out of town. Then the cats went outside, and I shooed a few flies out the window.

Crushing loneliness.

My neighbor came over, and we discussed my cat. She's been lovable to the neighbors it seems. Then we discussed her husband's ill father, and she left me with some of her beloved plants to take care of while they vacation until the end of the month. So they will be out of town as well.

I went outside today, and gave the cats some catnip so that they'd follow me around. I threw some rocks at my own house, because I'm trying to scare the birds out of my roof. There is a nest with two hatchings in it, and they chirp until about 11 at night. I then ventured into the woodsy part of my backyard to go look at the derelict tree house thing that a previous owner built. I haven't hung out back there in about 8 years, and things have overgrown quite a bit. And in the right light, the tree house thing is actually kinda pretty, so I think I'll take some pictures.

The cats were afraid to follow me into our own backyard. Tricksie meowed at me until I went back onto the lawn, Stormy ran to the neighbor's yard and had the time of her life running back, forth, and up trees. She was really high.

The cats are inside now, and are doing what they can to sleep near me, because they are lonely. I can relate.

But at least I'm wearing my Shark Shirt!

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