Saturday, July 4, 2009


So Craig and his family came over and we had dinner and shot off fireworks. Good company and the fireworks were pretty good. The neighborhood is still a war zone, though, and will probably still be booming into the early hours of the morning. A few of our neighbors are pyrotechnicians, so it's to be expected that they'll blow up a lot of stuff.

They blow up stuff year round, actually. Boom, all the time.

I talked Craig into bringing his PS3 over sometime this week so that I can finally get my mitts on Little Big Planet. I'm not sure I've ever really even played a PS3, come to think of it. I know I've played Rockband on one, but that doesn't really count. It'll be nice to finally play a current-gen console that isn't a Wii.

Ugh, there are a lot of booms at this specific moment. Whistlers, too. Despite our guests, I felt particularly lonely during the actual fireworks. I think it might be because the company last year was so good it just can't be topped by a few old friends.

I know it's lame, but during a fit of insomnia last night I decided to sign up for that Evony game I keep seeing advertised all over the net. I like how it advertises that you can play it at work or school, and then in the game it gives you the option to change the name of the window. I've got it set to some explicit words right now, just because I think it's cute to see my tab bar cursing at me. The game itself is pretty boring. It's certainly one of those games you keep running in the background. It's mostly waiting around for upgrades to finish (which can be anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours) and reading ahead in the quest list to see if there's any multitasking you can do. Because you can only build or upgrade one thing at a time.

I'm going to submit this post without re-reading it like I normally do. Just because I know that I'm making a lot of weird typos tonight. My hands must be cold, or something. (There were seven typos in that sentence before I fixed it.)

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