Thursday, July 2, 2009

Piggy Wiggy

Books books books. I am so tired physically, but fine mentally. It's like having mono, I hate to stand up but I'm really bored and would like to do something. So I've been reading books (daytime TV is made of the stuff that rots your brain).

I finished The Time Traveler by H. G. Wells. I liked it, but not as much as Invisible Man. I chatted with mum about it, and we put the Hollow Man on our Netflix list. It seems the movie is based off the book.

Then, following mum's suggestion, I am reading Kafka. She thinks I'd like him because we think in the same way, but so far I feel he writes liked a bad playwright. Metamorphosis is everybody's favorite book of his, and I found it in my favorite eBook reader, so that is the one I'm reading. I hope it gets better soon, because right now it flat out sucks.

Yeesh, what a poorly written book.

Everything I've been reading lately has been digital, so I grabbed a paper book for when the electricity gets to me. It's one of the Disk World series. It doesn't matter which, it's pretty funny all the same.

I woke up today to a multitude of phone calls. I couldn't really see well this morning, so I had no idea who was calling. Thinking each of the five phone calls might be from my parents, I answered each of them. Three were automatic spam messages, one was from the doctor to see how I was doing, and one from the parents. I couldn't get back to sleep, though, because someone on the street was doing some major yardwork involving heavy machinery. Every 15 minutes or so a resounding BOOM would rattle through the house. Followed by RIIRRIRRIRR of some sort of macine, and the occaisional odd clank or crash.

What I'm trying to say is that I had a rough morning, and I am really tired.

Dad threw a party today. I didn't sleep during that, either.

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