Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I really want that Sony Reader. I spent so much time today just researching it. I've decided that I want the 505 version. It doesn't have the touchscreen or the backlight, but I'm fine with that in the end. There's supposed to be a new version of the reader coming out within the next couple months here, and it's supposed to have wifi capabilities. If a new version comes out just after I buy one, I'll be a little sore. But at least I can be smug in the fact that the one I'll be buying is still cheaper.

So I picked up Twilight again. (Shut up.) I tell people that I've read the first book, but the truth is that I got just about halfway and then quit. So I thought I'd give it (yet) another chance. It continued to be boring and disappoint me. It continued to have Bella be self-centered and Edward be creepy. The book picked up a little bit of speed about when the two finally had their first kiss. It took until page 282, which is a little bit over half the book. God... why did it take so long?

A lot of things confuse me about the book. Like how Bella compulsively lies to everyone. Does she lie because she thinks she's better than everyone? Or the way Edward reacts sometimes. He had his face really close to Bella's, and Bella nearly kissed him. So Edward ran away, ran around a meadow a few times, and broke some tree branches. What? Why did he run around? He kissed her just a few pages later when Bella was sick and about to barf... Why didn't he kiss her during the romantic moment in the meadow? Why did he pick such a horrible moment?

I've decided it's okay for Edward to be a creep, though. After all, he is a monster. But Bella has no excuse for being a bitch.

So I've been playing the 10 Days in Google Books game. It's really neat--You answer the five questions they give you, using Google Books to search up the answers. It's really easy, actually. And then you write 50 words about what you think the book experience will be like in 100 years. Every day they pick 3 winners to receive a free Sony Reader(!!!). And then the first 2,000 (or was it 20,000?) entries win bumper stickers, or some other booby prize similar to that. The next day there are new questions and a new chance to win.

So nobody else enter, okay? I have a lot of luck with raffles, but not so much with contests. If nobody else enters I'll have to win at least once. And then instead of writing entries about how badly I want a Reader, I can write entries about how much I love my Reader. And then I'll continue to be a spoiled brat about it until I move off to college and have new things to talk about. You want that, don't you? You want me to be happy, with my Reader... don't you?

So don't fucking enter.

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