Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eat Street

The storm that started lasted night continued today. Or really, the lack of storm. There is no wind, it's just white clouds and really heavy rain that lasts for three minutes at a time. Oh, and thunder. Lots and lots of thunder. But the lighting is really far away.

So there was no sun to dry my mask in, and even now, 24+ hours after making it, it is still kinda wet. I considered hitting it with the blowdrier for an hour or so, but then I played the Sims for a bit. So there you go. I'm letting it dry some more until well into tomorrow, but I'm eager to knwo how my mask turned out. I want to know everything that's wrong with it to I can make the next one even better.

So far, I don't like how this one is turning out. I used only one layer of white paper this time, and I think that affected the color. The first mask turned out seriously white, and all of the things that were problems when it was wet became unnoticeable when it was dry. If it had kept its shape, it would have been a success (minus the painting job). But this new mask isn't nearly as white, and has yellow and orange spots all over it. I was sure I had wiped those off, and now that it is so dry it is too late to remove them. We'll see how it is tomorrow. I may end up adding another layer of white before I consider it dry.

I made pancakes today. I set the batter down to rest, and it fluffed up really bug. I was surprised. I pulled the whisk from it so I could get the ladle in there, and a chunk of the batter went with it, leaving a huge gaping hole. I had made pancake mousse. Same recipe as always, but for some reason it was light and fluffy to the extreme. I pushed it down and made my first pancake, and while it cooked the batter fluffed up again. While I suppose a light and fluffy batter like this would be delicious, it held it's shape to well to do things like pour. It sat on the skillet like a lump of butter, slowly melting in the heat. I beat down all of the batter until it stuck to the liquid form. How very strange. (It still fluffed up a bit after, but not as much.)

Oh, now I'm hungry. Those pancakes were really good.

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