Friday, July 10, 2009


I decided to count the number of ants in the kitchen today, and there were only three. This is a much smaller number than yesterday (upwards of twenty ants), so I guess my ant-killing rampage is working. Fingers crossed.

I woke up this morning and noticed it was a hot and sunny day. So I put my mask form outside in the sun. And voila! It dried most of the way. It's much more rigid now that it's kinda dry, and it weighs less. I painted it because I'm all excited about painting my first mask, so now it's a lovely solid white. I went to check up on it after the paint had dried to find all of these tiny hairline cracks in the paint. I guess I put the paint on too thick, and the form hadn't finished drying yet. Oh well, it doesn't need to be pretty.

I put plastic wrap on it, and paper mache on top of that. I read that you can use white copier paper to give your paper mache a white finish, so I tried it. And I don't like how it turned out at all. The paper is too thick, so you can see each individual piece of paper I put on there. I'll compare it to the white paint on the form, and decide if I should pant the newspaper white or use white paper. Maybe I can buy some thinner paper somewhere... But I don't exactly want to spend a lot of money on paper mache.

If it's sunny again tomorrow, I'm putting it out in the sun again. Otherwise I have a long day with a blowdrier ahead of me. Once it's completely rigid I'll take it off the form and cut off the extra bits around the edges. Then I'll play around with it a whole bunch, and wear it like a mask on and off. I'll put it down, look at it, and pick it up again. I'll wear a large smile, and then put my mask on and suddenly have no expression at all.

I'm trying to convey my excitement through boring sentences.

Now I'm gonna go eat candy and watch Willy Wonka. And then poke at my mask thing some more. Oh man I'm so excited! It's turning out decent! There is so much potential here!

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