Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inner Lining

I keep meaning to write up that post with all the pictures of my mask-making process, but I keep forgetting my camera downstairs. And since I usually write these posts well after the parents went to bed, I'm not really able to go get it. Not without waking them up and having them fuss about it the next morning.

I finally found sheet music for that Ico song I've been wanting to play. It's supposed to be really simple, which is a plus for an unskilled player like me. I've encountered two problems, though: The printer won't connect to my computer so I can't print it, and mum won't get out of the house so I can practice the piano.

I really really really hate playing instruments when other people can hear. Especially when I'm learning a new song. I miss my electric keyboard. I could just plug in some headphones and go~ But no, my parents decided to spoil me and bought me a real piano (consequently selling my keyboard to help pay). Then they complained often that they bought me this nice piano/are paying for my lessons, so I should give them their money's worth in music. This is why I love the ukulele so much; I can just wrap my fingers in felt and play really quietly. Nobody has to hear but me.

What I really want right now is to go downstairs and play the piano, but that would wake my parents up. And last time I played piano in the middle of the night my neighbors complained the next morning. I'd just buy myself an electric keyboard (I have the money), but I'm afraid it would offend my parents. I won't have my piano with my in college, though. And I kept an eye out for all of the pianos around campus. There are a few scattered about, and I asked a guy who said they're for student use. But they're all in open and public places, which is exactly wrong for me. I didn't find out if there was a music hall, because if there is there might be practice rooms I could use with pianos in them. But I know from experience that you can still hear from outside these rooms pretty well.

What I'm getting at is, if I can't find any piano related accommodations, I'll have an excuse for an electric keyboard. Then I could totally take a trip down to Ohio and buy this paino. I've never actually seen a paino before, it would be worth the trip.

Or, if either of my two readers happens to know where I could get a cheap used keyboard, I'd be happy to listen. I'm looking for something with 61 touch sensitive keys and a headphone jack. It'd be neat if it could plug into the wall as well. I don't care about the other fiddly bits, so long as it can sound like a piano.

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